Top 7 Tips To Help Your Business Thrive Online

Looking for tips to help you gain more exposure for your business? I could write for weeks about the ideas helping you effectively grow traffic, but let’s look at the top 7 tips to help your business succeed. Business branding is simple when you have a smart plan leading you in the right direction. The following are seven tips to help your struggling small business:

1. Get online

Use the internet to aide you when you need it the most. It is very simple to spend just a few minutes on the web each week to profit big time. The social networks alone can greatly increase the amount of sales and new traffic that you can obtain in your company. Get a company profile page and begin posting specials and deals on your page and those of your best clients that you know personally.

2. Publications

Utilize any forms of publications that you feel will be beneficial for your new leads. These can be in the form of a flyer or business promotion card that you can disperse. Place them on cars, in mailboxes and around other homes in the prime area that you will be working in and that is close by to your organization.

3. Referrals

If you have but even one person that comes into your business regularly, then you have the opportunity to get some referrals. These are nothing but one client of yours referring you to another person they come into contact with regularly. It is free advertising and can make the best of your business growth when you need it the most.

4. Promotions in publications

This is simple if you have a local magazine that you know will bring in the attention your business so badly desires. Use ones that are specific to your company needs and will bode the reader demographic that you are seeking to establish new clientele and gain name exposure.

5. Piggyback Marketing

This is the act of combining your business with someone else’s marketing campaign. For example, if the company that shares an office complex with yours is having a car wash over the weekend or even a large company meeting, meet with them to get your business name out in the open. This will bring in additional branding, plus get to have gain good relations with those that share your work space.

6. Graphics

A picture can say a thousand words, or so they say. When someone gives you a business card of theirs, if it is a truly a great graphic or logo on it then odds are you will not only look at it, but you will carefully think about what it is they do for a living just solely based on their card and the graphics that caught your attention.

7. Combining food with business

This would be the art of advertising in places where you know people will glance over your ad no matter what it looks like or what it is selling. Currently, inside thousands of restaurants globally you will find many ads pasted on tables, napkins, windows, and even inside the restrooms. Check out the pricing for such, it may be the next big thing in your brand strategy.

Free Local Business Advertising Ideas

If you are looking for affordable small business marketing ideas, the internet has a great deal to offer. Even if people are not buying your products or services on line, most people now do their research there first, before going out to shop. This is especially true for more expensive items. There is also an increasing use of smartphones with map features when people are out and about. If you can make it easier for customers who are looking for what you have to offer to find your website, this can only be good for your business. Here are a few free local business advertising ideas that require only minimal technical know-how to implement.

Put your business on the map!
Often internet search results will include map results near the top of the listings. Google Places, Bing Local Listings or Yahoo Local are all useful in getting your business higher up your clients search results pages, and adding your business to these listings is effectively completely free local business advertising!

Is your website search locatable?
If you’re a local business providing a service for local customers, your physical address is a major part of what many potential customers are likely to be searching for. Your website needs to include your address, ideally on every page. You could include it in a footer for example. It is also worth including a paragraph on your website that lists nearby locations also served, so you’ll have a chance of appearing in those locations too. If you have a testimonials page, you could include the location of the customer in the testimonial heading too. This all helps the internet search engines bring people looking for exactly what you have to offer, directly to your website.

Can Facebook work for your business?
Small business marketing includes everything to do with engaging with your customers, and Facebook is now the largest social media site with over 500 Million users, that is one in every 13 people on earth! It is not just for youngsters anymore either, 30% of Facebook users are in the over 35 demographic, and this segment is growing! This is a place where a lot of your potential customers hang out, chat with their friends, and go to get news and information.

Having a Facebook page for your business is a great way for you to engage with customers and potential customers, and if your posts are interesting, funny, or both they are more likely to ‘like’ your business page in order to see more posts from you, and this will keep you in their minds. Your Facebook page should contain a summary of what’s great about your business, and a link through to your main website. Try to make the page interesting and personal, rather than focused on your sales pitch. Facebook is a place to be sociable, and if you think about the way you communicate on there as if you were in a real life social situation with all your potential customers you won’t go far wrong.

It is advisable to think carefully about how you use the site; people do not react well to overt selling on Facebook any more than they would react well if you walked up to them at a party and started selling straight away before they had got to know you at all. People are more likely to buy from you if they know, like and trust you. Mix in occasional posts about your business, offers etc. with a larger proportion of interesting and personal posts about yourself, and share snippets of your expertise relating to your business too. Try to be as open, transparent and honest as you can. The internet is a very public place and people will soon see through any attempt at deception.

Invite your existing customers to check out your Facebook page. Add Facebook buttons to your website to encourage visitors to like you, and ask them specifically to click on these! Each time they do, you are posted on their wall which is visible to all their friends, and furthermore, they will see any future posts you make on Facebook.